Making a Phone Call (1)                  

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telephone number
denwa bangou    

denwa: telephone
bangou: number

cell phone (American English)
mobile phone (British English)

keitai denwa    

keitai: portable
denwa: telephone
keitai (the abbreviation of "keitai denwa")    

public telephone
koushuu denwa    

koushuu: public
denwa: telephone

international telephone
kokusai denwa    

kokusai: international
denwa: telephone

local telephone
shinai denwa    

shinai: within a city, local
denwa: telephone

answering machine
rusuban denwa    

denwa: telephone


area code (American English); dialling code (British English)
shigai kyokuban    

shigai: out-of-town
kyokuban: code (the group of numbers that come before a telephone number when you are
calling from a different area)

country calling code
kuni bangou    

kuni: country
bangou: number

dial tone (American English); dialling tone (British English)

Is there a public telephone?
Koushuu denwa wa ari masu ka?    

koushuu denwa: public telephone

Where is a public telephone?
Koushuu denwa wa doko ni ari masu ka?    

koushuu denwa: public telephone
doko: where

I'd like to make an international call.
Kokusai denwa wo kake tai no desuga.    

kokusai denwa: international call

How can I make an international call?
Kokusai denwa wa dou yatte kakeru no desu ka?    

kokusai denwa: international call
dou: how
kakeru: make a phone call