Do You Understand?               

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I know.
Shitte imasu.    

Kanji translation:
shiru: know

I don't know.
Shiri masen.    

I understand.
Wakari masu.    

I don't understand.
Wakari masen.    

Do you understand?
Wakari masu ka?    

I don't know how to write it.
Kaki-kata ga wakari masen.    

Kanji translation:
kaki-kata: how to write

I don't know what this character means.
Kono ji no imi ga wakari masen.    

kono: this

Kanji translation:
ji: character (a letter, mark, or sign used in writing, printing, or computing)

imi: meaning

I don't know how to say in Japanese.
Nihon-go de dou iu noka wakari masen.    

dou: how

Kanji translation:
nihon-go: Japanese language

iu: say

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