Shopping (2)            

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I need                .
                ga hitsuyou desu.    

Kanji translation:
hitsuyou: need

I'm just looking.
Chotto mite iru dake desu.    

chotto: just

Kanji translation:
miru: look

Please show me it.
Sore wo misete kudasai.    

sore: it

Kanji translation:
miseru: show

Please show me this.
Kore wo misete kudasai.    

kore: this

Do you have another one?
Hoka no wa ari masu ka?    

Kanji translation:
hoka: another

I don't want it.
Sore wa iri masen.    

sore: it

I'll take it.
Sore wo kudasai.    

sore: it

You gave me the wrong change.
O-tsuri ga machigatte imasu.    

o-tsuri: change (The money that you get back when you
have paid for something with more money than it costs.)
machigatte: wrong

Do you have something less expensive?
Motto yasui no wa nai desu ka?    

Kanji translation:
yasui: cheap, low price

This is a little expensive.
Kore wa sukoshi takai desu.    

kore: this
sukoshi: a little

Kanji translation:
takai: expensive

What is this?
Kore wa nan desu ka?    

kore: this

Kanji translation:
nan: what

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