At Restaurant (2)             

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Excuse me. (used when addressing a waiter or a waitress)

What kind of drinks do you have?
Don-na nomimono ga ari masu ka?    

don-na: what kind of

Kanji translation:
nomimono: drinks

May I have a cup of tea, please?
O-cha wo ippai morae masu ka?    

Kanji translation:
o-cha: tea

ippai: a cup of

Do you have any beer?
Biiru wa ari masu ka?    

biiru: beer

I'd like to have a beer.
Biiru wo kudasai.    

biiru: beer

A bottle of beer, please.
Biiru wo ippon kudasai.    

biiru: beer

Kanji translation:
ippon: a bottle of

Three draft beers, please.
Nama biiru wo mittsu onegai shimasu.    

Kanji translation:
nama: draft (beer)

mittsu: three

Bottoms up!; Toast!

Kanji translation:
kanpai: to drink a glass of beer, etc to thank someone, wish someone luck etc

May I have some water, please?
O-mizu wo kudasai.    

Kanji translation:
mizu: water

Enjoy your meal.
Douzo meshiagatte kudasai.    

Kanji translation:
meshiagaru: eat

How do you eat this?
How's this eaten?
How am I supposed to eat this?
What's the correct way to eat this?

Kono ryouri wa dou yatte taberu no desu ka?    

kono: this
dou yatte: how

Kanji translation:
ryouri: food cooked or prepared in a particular way as a meal

taberu: eat