Describing Health Problems (2)                    

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I have a fever.
Netsu ga ari masu.    

Kanji translation:
netsu: fever

I think I have a cold.
Kaze wo hiita you desu.    

kaze: a cold

I have a headache.
Atama ga itai.    

atama: head

Kanji translation:
itai: ache

I have no appetite.
Shokuyoku ga ari masen.    

Kanji translation:
shokuyoku: appetite

I feel like vomiting.
Haki sou desu.    

Kanji translation:
haku: vomit

I don't feel well.
Kibun ga warui desu.    

warui: not well, bad

Kanji translation:
kibun: feeling

I have a stomachache.
Onaka ga itai desu.    

onaka: stomach
itai: ache

I have a runny nose.
Hanamizu ga demasu.    

Kanji translation:
hanamizu: runny nose

I have a cough.
Seki ga demasu.    

seki: cough

I have a pain here.
Koko ga itai desu.    

koko: here
itai: pain

I have diarrhea.
Geri wo shite imasu.    

Kanji translation:
geri: diarrhea

There is something wrong with my body.
Karada no guai ga warui no desuga.    

warui: wrong

Kanji translation:
karada: body

guai: condition

I have my period.
Seiri desu.    

Kanji translation:
seiri: menstruation

I have hayfever.
Watasi wa kafun-shou desu.    

Kanji translation:
kafun-shou: hayfever (a medical condition, like a bad cold, that is caused by pollens
of specific seasonal plants in people who are allergic to these substances)

Please call a doctor.
Isha wo yonde kudasai.    

Kanji translation:
isha: doctor

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